Angie B

Angie B

Adult Transition IEP Coach


Find Hope and Help With “Lost and Found” 🤗🤗🤗

I am my sister’s keeper. ♥️♥️♥️

But growing up, protecting her was a bit more difficult than the average sibling.

You see, my sister has an intellectual disability, and that made the typical adolescent challenges even trickier to navigate. I was plagued by questions. 😥

❓What would happen to my sister after high school?

❓How could I help to prepare her for a new stage of life?

❓What resources would she need to thrive in adulthood?

I remember feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed. I saw concerns, but found no solutions to address them.

If your sibling or child has an intellectual disability, you probably know those feelings all too well.

I am here because I want to give families like ours the tools and resources I wish my grandmother and I had when my sister was graduating high school.

So, I’ve tapped into my personal experiences and my professional expertise to pen “Lost and Found,” an educational guide you and your family will love because it has:

💡Information you need to care for your intellectually disabled loved one

💡Advice to begin preparing your loved one for a smooth transition from high school to higher education

💡Knowledge to access the resources and programs designed to meet your sibling’s/ child’s  needs.

Most importantly, my book “Lost and Found” will reassure you that you’re not alone, and you’re not without hope. 💛 

Visit @angelawestbrown and click the link  to claim your copy of “Lost and Found.” Inside the book, you’ll find pages of wisdom I’ve learned over the years that I can now only wish someone would’ve blessed me with before my sister finished high school. This book is my gift to you as someone struggling to understand a sibling suffering from intellectual disabilities.

Angela West-Brown MALS CLC

Adult Transition IEP Coach

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