Crown 👑 26



Early in the 2020 Pandemic, Tiffany Caldwell needed hair for her teenage daughter but all of the beauty supply stores were closed for months at a time.
She was over joyed when the beauty supply stores finally opened and eagerly went to a local store. But her excitement turned to disappointment when the beauty supply store staff were rude and began following her around in the store.
As a black woman, she had experienced this over the years in other beauty supply stores, but this time was different. Tiffany got back into her car disappointed and decided she would open her own store that would be the cornerstone to women, stylist and braiders in Solano County.
The more Tiffany researched, the more she realized and knew she could do it! Tiffany did the impossible and opened up Crown 26 Beauty Supply during the pandemic. The store has been visited by local public officials, community leaders and Solano County neighbors alike. Mayor Lori Wilson, Vice Mayor Wanda Williams, Councilmember elect Doriss Panduro, K Patrice Williams and countless others have visited the store and have remarked about the excellent customer service and quality products sold there.

When asked about the significance of the name Crown 26, Tiffany tells the story of her best friend and her mother Stephanie, who died of a rare cancer 2 years ago. Tiffany says, “if you knew my mom she’d always tell people that her name means Crown. My mother’s name is Stephanie and her name means Crown. The number 26 is my mother’s favorite number”. With that, the name Crown 26 Beauty Supply was born. “All my life my mother, thought of me so I thought no better way to show respect and tribute to my mother. I love her miss her!“ Tiffany says.