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Good Vibz Yoga is a health and wellness company that focuses on the growth and development for children and adults. With guided yoga, meditation, and breathwork you can improve areas of your health mentally and physically. WIth a wide range of benefits like reduced stress & anxiety, pain management, focus, sleep, strength, flexibility and more. Yoga is accessible to everyone. Men, women and children take part in many different yoga and mindfulness sessions daily all over the world. Creating healthy habits that will improve your capabilities to achieve great things in life.


Owner and founder Chantia started her journey within the practice and lifestyle during times when depression and anxiety were taking over daily. Feeling the struggles mentally and physically began to take a toll on her energy, relationships and health. Medication was not an option so she seeked out more holistic/alternative ways to manage and overcome these obstacles. Pushing through daily was just not cutting it anymore. She was drawn to yoga not for the physical aspects of improving her strength and flexibility at first (that was an added bonus). Chantia just wanted to get back to a space where she was happy again and full of life. She has a son to take care of, a job and was drawn to the benefits, community and support to help her. Through yoga and meditation for a few years she developed a better sense of awareness, gratitude, and her mental and physical health was improving more ever. Knowing how the practice has helped her and her family over the years she decided to take a teachers training to assist family, friends, and in her community. She is an active volunteer, mentor to those who are over living in pain, fear, self doubt and want overall improved mental wellness.

She has also created two impact groups, Girlz Empowered, a group for tweens and teen girls ages 8 to 13 yrs old. and S.H.E ( She has Everything) a monthly women's wellness and support group where we create a space centered on women empowerment, yoga, meditation, and journaling. Our values within Good Vibz Yoga are to inspire, motivate, and contribute to the growth and success of all our students in class and outside of class. We promote healthy habits and consistency to help develop adults and children's personal growth for gratitude, mindfulness, and supporting roles to assist them with everyday life. When I am not working I am a mother to one wonderful son and we have a bird and lots of house plants we care for. We have many backyard pets this year. We have taken on feeling them and giving them a space at our home to feel welcome. The 7 blue jays that love to remind us at 7am that it's feeding time. Have been a joy to have around all these months!



Trained & certified in hatha yoga, chair yoga, children's yoga & mindfulness, yoga fitness, ganja yoga, trauma informed, breathwork, diverse and inclusivity. Currently continuing education in leadership, business, meditation for adults and children. As a teacher we can never know it all so i will forever be a student to help further my education and my ability to serve others.


If you have any questions, please reach out to me via email at for a consult.

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