Moody Mug Days

The Cure for the Ordinary Meeting

Work meetings rarely get exciting. Aside from the occasional snide remark here and there, you likely find the office virtual meeting to be a real snooze fest. But we, at Afro Unicorn, have found the cure for the typical meeting.  Meet Moody MugDays and their line of Moody Mugs.

Imagine sitting in a virtual meeting, wishing you were somewhere else, only to look at the screen and see something that brings you to tears. Your work bestie is sipping from a mug that says what everyone is thinking, “This Meeting Should Have Been An Email.” As you look at the different faces in the Zoom room, you realize you were not the only one who got the message on the mug. Everyone has a big smile on their face, and a look of relief in their eyes because someone said what needed saying without using a word. That someone, your work bestie, was sipping from a Moody MugDays mug you got her as a gift. At that moment, you realize not only have you saved the day, but you are the best work bestie ever.  Now you need to order one for yourself.

We loved the idea of having our mood on a mug, especially when you are in those virtual meetings and cannot fully express your mood.  Moody MugDay mugs even work when your mood changes. We love that it has two different emotions on the mug: when everything is going great and one when things shift to a different mood, like the mug that says “GUD Morning” on one side and “Not Today” on the other.


Go to and check out the full line of mugs. Get one for you and your work friends for your next virtual meeting.