She is Merch

She Is Merch 

Sorry, Not Sorry. Nope, definitely not asking for permission. She Is Merch exists to celebrate a world where a woman does not have to apologize for who she is. We’re all different, we’re not a monolith and the one thing we all share is the right to be heard, represented and accepted. 

As two black women we are familiar with the challenge of often being defined by societal standards. We felt like there was a space in the market to celebrate a queen and her professional strengths while also honoring her sensuality. Women are multifaceted, we’re strong, we’re soft, we’re educated, we cry, we laugh, we’re sensual but most of all we just want to be free to be ourselves, whoever that is.

We are Cree and Reeka, sister-cousins and the co-owners of She Is Merch. As we have all been pushing through this pandemic and day to day life; Reeka, as a brand strategist and design consultant coupled with Cree’s attention to detail and organizational skills led to this amazing creation. 

She Is Merch was created from a desire to have an apparel line that speaks to you and all the women in your life. She’s an Entrepreneur, She’s Powerful, and She’s Black History are just some of the styles available, go browse our store and find your “She Is” that represents you.