State Your Mood



Hello there! Have we met yet?
My name is Deanndra Ross, creator of STATE YOUR MOOD.

STATE YOUR MOOD, is NOT your average t-shirt brand. We strive to inspire everyone to feel free to express themselves through clothing, candles, & more. 

What inspired me to create STATE YOUR MOOD?

I spent a lot of my years feeling like I didn’t have a voice of my own as I entered my teens. I struggled to express my feelings as well as my interests (video games and anime). So yeah I was that kid that got bullied for a lot of things when it came down to who I was. I would always get told “oh that’s for boys”.

So all of that actually convinced me that I didn’t matter. So yes I did what most would do in that situation, change who I was to be accepted. To fit in.

As I entered adulthood I still had issues with expressing my emotions. But one day I had to sit myself down and ask myself “Why do I allow myself to be treated this way!?”. After I got done addressing my pain, cried a lot of tears, self isolation, and going through an emotional roller coaster. I made the decision to stop keeping how I felt inside and find myself again. I started to speak up for myself. Demanding the respect that I, including you, deserves.

Even though I still believe I am on the journey of fully finding my voice and expressing who I am, I created STATE YOUR MOOD March 2018. I used my brand as an outlet to express myself and others through various products. My goal is for everyone who was or is like me that struggles with finding their voice, finds it & KEEP IT. Even if you do have to express it through a T-shirt; STATE YOUR MOOD!

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