Tees Of Life

Tees Of Life



Tees Of Life is a statement t-shirt brand owned and operated by James & Ari Simpson, a husband-and-wife team from South Carolina. 


The pair created Tees Of Life after years of Ari toying with multiple avenues of creativity. She dabbled with creating invitations, flyers, you name it, but it was her love of t-shirts and always having a dope thought that led them down the statement t-shirt road.


Even before taking the leap of faith with Tees Of Life, Ari had to overcome tons of fear in order to really get going with the brand. It was James who motivated her to go for it and since then the two have been working hand in hand managing the business day to day.


Tees Of Life statements are for unapologetically dope people who love out loud and live life to the fullest. 


In their collection, you will find signature statements like: “Heavy On The Self Love” (because we know self-love is the best love) and “It's The Peace Of Mind For Me” (because peace is a requirement too).


You’ll also find some pro-black statements in this duos collection: “Brown Skin For The Win” is their newest sensation.