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The Flavorful Gourmet is a seasoning and spice company which has drawn inspiration for over 30 years from some of the best cooks I know. I grew up watching my grandparents, many aunts, and parents make magic happen in the kitchen or on the grill. It all started with family time and seeing the compassion and love that was put into food. 



My curiosity, love of travel around the globe, experiencing a variety of cultures, and passion for delicious food grew into what has become The Flavorful Gourmet, LLC. I count myself fortunate to have a supportive family and friends who believed in me to make this dream a reality. I take pride in every blend and creation I make and strive to provide high quality flavors that are healthy and at an affordable price! I hope that my customers will find satisfaction and joy in my products to bring a taste of The Flavorful Gourmet into their mealtimes.


I find peace when I’m in the kitchen doing what I love best! I love every second of the wonderful smells that arise when I’m cooking and results of my efforts make it all worthwhile! I promise that the blends offered by the Flavorful Gourmet are unlike any you’ve tried before. I blend spices sourced locally and from around the globe when I travel to create blends that taste fantastic and are of good quality.  The Flavorful Gourmet offers something for every taste: sweet, savory, salty, spicy, and even no or low sodium diet friendly blends.  If you are up for a new adventure give one of my best sellers a try: Baker’s Magic, Peanut Brittle Candy, Multipurpose Blend, Spiced Apple Cider, Dad’s Flavorful Chili, or Mom’s Cajun Gumbo! You will not be disappointed! My blends are also great for gift giving, special occasions, and available for wholesale. If you have questions or comments send a message to . 


Join me to put a new spin on old classics with my recipes & tips. To learn about new blends and to make your next meal even more tasty visit and shop at  or , follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube!  


The Flavorful Gourmet