Afro Unicorn's 5th Birthday Celebration: A Magical Crown and Tea Party

Afro Unicorn's 5th Birthday Celebration: A Magical Crown and Tea Party

In celebration of Afro Unicorn's fifth birthday, founder and CEO April Showers hosted a Crown and Tea Party on April 28 at the Redondo Beach Hotel. Empowered by Culture Creators, the magical, divine, and unique event welcomed 75 mothers and their daughters to a one-of-a-kind gathering complete with a full tea service, a confidence walk, and a diggity dance party with Ms. April & Magical. 

Afro Unicorn A Magical Crown and Tea Party Moms and Daughters

Ms. April says, “Our Crown and Tea Party truly epitomizes everything we have built over the last five years. I am proud that we have created a movement that uplifts and inspires women and children to embrace their uniqueness and potential."

Beautifully aligned to kick off a month of Mother's Day festivities, the event provided children with invaluable life skills. The young girls learned proper tea etiquette, a skill that will serve them well in future social settings. They also participated in a confidence walk, a powerful tool for building self-esteem. 

The children were taught how to hold the teacup, sip their tea and pouring techniques, creating memories to last a lifetime. While enjoying the tea service, they learned the sequence of savory, scones and then sweet treats, including custom Afro Unicorn butter cookies. Everyone got up and danced throughout the course of the afternoon, including several confidence walks led by Ms. April with the lovely DJ Princess S.C. (@SheilaCeline) spinning tunes. Most of all, the day reinforced good manners and kindness. 

Afro Unicorn A Magical Crown and Tea Party Girls Dancing

Joi Brown, CEO of Culture Creators, adds, "It was a super elegant event and such a joyous occasion to see mothers and daughters of all different hues coming together to commemorate Afro Unicorn's fifth anniversary." Further, she reflected, "We all get so busy with life, sometimes we miss out on these moments to pour into our children."

Several Afro Unicorn super fans participated in a contest to attend the event. Winners Izzy (@izzy.mcgee) and Aaliyah (@queen_aaliyahanne_) were flown to Los Angeles to join the Crown and Tea Party where they had a magical meet-and-greet with Ms. April.

Among the many who benefited from the day were the Afro Unicorn Foundation's (AUF) Compton Cohort, who completed the inaugural program in February 2024. Next up, the Foundation will hold its first official Confidence Walk on Saturday, August 17, 2024, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. to raise support for the organization, which is committed to fostering the growth and development of young girls, helping them discover their unique potential and become the confident leaders of tomorrow.