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Single Mom April Showers Becomes FIRST Black Woman To Have A Licensed Brand In Major Retail Store

April Showers, the Founder, and CEO of Afro Unicorn shattered the glass ceiling and became the first Black female-owned business to have a licensed brand in a major retail store– the celebration/party brand is now in over 1,500 Walmart stores across the country and is already making an impact by empowering underrepresented Black women and young girls to embrace their beauty. Afro Unicorn™ launched in 2019 as a direct-to-consumer e-commerce business.
Can you tell us more about who is April Showers?

I am a single mother of two amazing honor student boys, ages 16 & 11. I am a serial entrepreneur, owning and operating an insurance agency and I am a licensed Real Estate Broker, who believes that if you help enough people get to where they want to be, you will get to where you NEED to be.

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